Combat Violence Against Women

Violence committed against women comes in many forms: fisical, sexual, psychological and economical; forms that at the same time are related to each other and cause damages in women since before birth[1] and through adulthood.

We should understand that violence against women affects not only their health and their capacity to participate in the public sphere, but also it affects family and community life,at the same time that strengthens other kinds of violence that prevail in our society.

According to the United Nations, 70% of women worldwide experience violence in their lifetime; WAVE Initiative invites you to work together to end this global pandemic and to join our efforts to move this fight into our daily lives.


We have an initial proposal for you, because from our site we will be posting information that is useful to combat violence against women on a daily basis, from institutional mechanisms to campaigns focused on preventing violence to be applied in your community. We invite you to be aware, since every Wednesday you will find new information; likewise we invite you to join us, and if you are interested in publishing an article, sharing information or just sharing your comments, please write to .

[1]Violence against women before birth occurs with prenatal sex selection, with which, according to data from the United Nations involves the “disappearance” of more than 100 million girls in the world.

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