No Means No: An Strategy Against Sexual Assault

To do the right thing sometimes is such a difficult choice, and by understanding this, the group No Means No Worldwide realized a way to fight back the epidemic of sexual assault that Kenya has faced. That is why in 2010, this group began offering self-defense classes to Nairobi schoolgirls, teaching them how to fight … Continúa leyendo No Means No: An Strategy Against Sexual Assault

Combat Violence Against Women

Violence committed against women comes in many forms: fisical, sexual, psychological and economical; forms that at the same time are related to each other and cause damages in women since before birth[1] and through adulthood. We should understand that violence against women affects not only their health and their capacity to participate in the public … Continúa leyendo Combat Violence Against Women

We are WAVE Initiative

It’s been more than a year since the original idea of this project came to life; but finally after a process of knowledge, training, the development of special skills, but above all by the commitment with the women’s issues that this month, after the International Women’s Day and during the celebration of the fifty-ninth session … Continúa leyendo We are WAVE Initiative