No Means No: An Strategy Against Sexual Assault

To do the right thing sometimes is such a difficult choice, and by understanding this, the group No Means No Worldwide realized a way to fight back the epidemic of sexual assault that Kenya has faced. That is why in 2010, this group began offering self-defense classes to Nairobi schoolgirls, teaching them how to fight back against rape.

And something I found the key point of this program is that they go exactly to the right point of the issue, because if we want to end sexual assault, we can’t just work with girls on how to avoid “risk situations”, instead we have to think also in men; and this is what they say about it on this program:

“If they say the boys are actually the problem, the boys can actually be part of the solution.”

I invite you to check out more information about this program by reading the full piece: “Kenya’s unique approach to rape prevention should have the rest of the world taking note.”

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